Orthopedic Associates USA has closed and is not currently operating as a medical practice. The Various physicians that worked at OAUSA are either now or will be practicing in the community.

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We feel fortunate to have received reflections from our patients about how OAUSA has helped them.

Here are some of our favorites:

“I had an ankle replacement March 1, 2011 by Dr. Windram. Dr. Windram and everyone at Orthopaedic Associates usa has been excellent. I really appreciate the warmth, caring and professionalism. I am improving every week by working hard at the fitness center and riding my bike. Thank you for everything you have done and doing for me.”

Peter L.

“Dr. Baylis is a calm, knowledgeable, charismatic physician who treats his patients with compassion and respect.
So often we trade the feeling of being comforted by our doctor for a sense that our doctor knows what he is doing; rarely are we treated by a doctor who has a GREAT bedside manner AND board-certified skill. There is no tradeoff for me because I was treated by Dr. Baylis. Through the past few years he explained his findings, treatment plans, and anticipated outcomes to me. He didn't talk down to me as if I lacked intelligence but instead understood that my experience didn't include orthopaedic illness/injury and gave me information to help me understand what was happening. He respected my dignity as he helped me overcome fears and has hugged me when I successfully handled treatments. While I'm not a big "softie" I was feeling vulnerable and when he hugged me I felt a surge of relief and achievement. He was genuinely happy for me. Looking back over the years, he has entered and exited the exam rooms with a wide smile and relaxed attitude. I have never sensed that he was feeling stressed or annoyed - as a matter of fact, his lighthearted spirit seems to fill the exam room with calm.
I had an MRI and someone in the waiting room overheard me schedule a follow up appointment with Dr. Baylis and told me that the doctor operated on his wife and that Dr. Baylis was great. I also recently spoke with someone who works in a medical office who shared with me that her family is treated by Dr. Baylis because he is an excellent physician/surgeon with a great personality. My primary physician of more than a decade knows and deeply respects Dr. Baylis and I trust his opinion. I have also listened to people in the waiting room who felt vulnerable and/or in pain discuss their faith in Dr. Baylis and his care.”

Anonymous Patient

“Dr. Warren W. Windram of Orthopaedic Associates USA is my hero! In March of 1996 I was involved in a bicycle accident that resulted in three fractures in my left ankle and a severely dislocated left ankle joint. After three surgeries in three years I was left with chronic ankle pain and limited mobility. According to the doctors who treated me the only relief I could look forward to would be an ankle fusion. Over the years I witnessed medical marvels with all types of joint replacements except for the ankle joint. My doctors repeatedly told me that the ankle joint was too complex and ankle replacement surgery would never be an option for me.
When my quality of life deteriorated to an unacceptable level I knew it was time to seek medical care outside of the Florida Keys where I was living. I enlisted the help of my cousin, Linda Combs, who has many years of experience working in the medical field. She recommended Orthopaedic Associates USA and since I was in need of a foot & ankle specialist I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Windram. From the very first visit Dr. Windram’s professionalism, compassion and gentle bedside manner gave me a renewed sense of hope. He patiently answered all my questions, explained my options and developed a plan of action. My prayers were answered when Dr. Windram advised me that I was a candidate for ankle replacement surgery, which he performed on August 10, 2010.
Throughout the whole process I interacted with many of Orthopaedic Associates USA’s staff. Without exception every individual was courteous, professional and dependable. I would especially like to commend Ludy, Feidy and Blanca who provided me with invaluable assistance over the past 18 months. I will be forever grateful for everything that Dr. Windram and the staff at Orthopaedic Associates USA has done for me.
I feel like a new woman with a fresh perspective. I am again able to participate in activities that I enjoy without experiencing chronic pain. Thank you so much Dr. Windram, as I mentioned before, you are my hero!”

Marybeth L.

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