As kids head back to school, they also get back into participating in team and individual sports. While advice on conditioning and equipment may be available at some schools, other schools may not have the resources available to offer your kids the best advice.

Parents should be concerned about children’s involvement in sports that require a substantial amount of running, jumping, and turning (like soccer and basketball), or involve contact (like in football).

Sports-related foot and ankle injuries are on the rise as more children actively participate in sports. This focus on fitness is outstanding, but parents need to be vigilant to make sure their kids are getting the best advice on how to stay injury free. For example, protective taping of the ankles is often necessary to prevent sprains or fractures. To learn more about the best methods for staying healthy on the field, a visit to your local podiatric physician can give parents and kids peace of mind and tips for staying healthy.

A podiatrist can offer suggestions on conditioning prior to and during the season and can even design custom-made orthotics, which can improve performance by optimizing foot function. A visit to the podiatric physician can also provide information on the best choices for shoes and cleats.

Each sport requires a different type of shoe, and your podiatrist is well versed in the options available. Take the time to schedule a visit with the podiatrist for each of your children this fall, regardless of whether or not they will be participating in a sport. The advice you receive and the tips offered will take you and your kids into the new school year with happy feet.

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