As you head for your favorite golf course this spring, make sure your feet are in shape before approaching the tee box.

As a member of The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, Dr. Warren Windram, states that there are three areas of the foot that are common to cause pain that can effect your golf swing. These areas consist of the big toe, the forefoot and the heel.

First, when golfers follow through on their swing, the big toe (hallux) may bend too far, eventually wearing out the cartilage or jamming the joint, leading to a painful arthritis. Treatment for this condition ranges from shoe modifications, orthotics, physical therapy, injections and possible surgery.

Second, the forefoot or ball of the foot is a common area of pain in the foot that can affect your golf swing. A common condition called a neuroma can cause pain in a closed shoe during your swing preventing proper follow through. Treatment options range from injection therapy, physical therapy, orthotics, shoe modifications and in some cases surgical removal.

Third, the heel is another common problem with golfers and can make it uncomfortable for them to keep a solid stance during crucial parts of the golf swing. This condition is commonly referred to as plantarfascitis or heel spur syndrome. Treatment for this condition ranges from stretching exercises, orthotics, antiinflamatory medication and in some cases surgical intervention.

Several other painful conditions can also cause instability during your swing. Some athletes and former athletes develop chronic ankle instability from previous ankle sprains that have failed to heal properly. Motion limiting arthritis and Achilles tendonitis can also affect your balance. Ill fitting golf shoes play a major role in developing painful foot conditions.

For the majority of golfers and other patients with the above mentioned conditions, Dr.Windram recommends conservative treatments such as orthotics(shoe inserts), stretching exercises, changes to your shoes, medications, braces, physical therapy and cortisone injections. However, if these conservative measures fail to provide adequate relief, surgery may required.

Foot pain is not normal. With the treatment options available to your foot and ankle surgeon, a pain free golf swing is clearly in view.

If surgery is required to address your foot and ankle condition, the Miami Lakes Surgical Center can provide the highest quality of care available in the South Florida. Dr. Windram is the acting Chairman of the Department of Podiatry. The center provides state of the art equipment that is used in the latest surgical procedures in foot and ankle surgery. The center is complimented with an exceptional staff that is highly experienced and trained in the latest technology available.

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